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Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems (BAS) are vital to the comfort and safety of your building occupants and the efficient operations of your facility. Encompassing HVAC, lighting, and access control, the right BAS and service team can make all the difference in your property’s day-to-day operations. Geostar Mechanical provides turnkey system installation and maintenance throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin utilizing American-made, Computrols Building Automation Systems.

A Winning Combination

Given Geostar’s familiarity with the Computrols product line and understanding of the needs of our customers, we are uniquely positioned to provide an integrated solution that will address your preliminary challenges and provide a long-term solution to your building automation needs!

About Computrols

What separates Computrols from other BAS manufacturers is its desire to empower the end customer instead of holding them hostage in order to operate the system. They do this by providing customers access to the same simple-to-use tools and manuals that they provide their own technicians and distributors. Since its beginnings in the early 1980s, Computrols has set out to right many of the wrongs in the building automation industry.


Where many building automation systems require months of training to operate, building engineers can begin operating Computrols Building Automation Software (CBAS) after just a day or two of training. The hardware is also meant to be intuitive enabling novice users the ability to change out a controller in less than 5 minutes.


Since Computrols began manufacturing its first line of DDC controls in the early 90s, it has been the company’s mission to eliminate planned obsolescence and product churning for its customers. They’ve accomplished this by building backward and forward compatibility into all of their products and supporting everything they manufacture with a true lifetime warranty.


We understand that it’s not usually feasible to rip out your existing controls system and start from scratch. Using Computrols, we have the ability to leverage the majority of your existing controllers while giving you a progressive pathway to a full Computrols lifetime-warranty BAS. Using Computrols, Geostar Mechanical has the ability to integrate with the systems of the below manufacturers:

  • Siemens
  • Johnson Controls
  • Automated Logic
  • Trane
  • Delta Controls
  • Distech Controls
  • Schnieder Electric
  • And More!